Monday, March 2, 2015

She from the Jungle

Well well, here we are. Its been a few months in the City of Angels and I finally have my own apartment. Feels like a fresh start to a new month with a place I can call mine. Tupac, Biggie, and Snoop are on the wall in all their (found in the hallway) glory and I now have the furry rug I've been feining for for months. Dom Kennedy and The Weeknd have kept me company the past few days. and even though its a pretty strange feeling spending time alone after having three roommates, I'm definitely excited about the change.

There's something about being able to decorate how I want and organize everything that just makes me much more motivated to work on myself. Myself as in doing my work and staying on top of what needs to be done but all in my own somewhat crazy manner. I even got up to do some homework before heading to my internship this morning instead of getting more slumber.

Obviously my new apartment and life aren't perfect (we all have our own issues and struggles, not to mention my ceiling leaked last night during the very rare California downpour) but I know its going to turn out quite alright. I don't think I could have imagined being in this moment even a year ago back in the suburbia of Washington. And oh, my birthdays coming up in less than two weeks.

I wouldn't mind a record player...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Spring Street-Style Story?

Cotton candy emotions
"Some day I will be president"
Long tees a la Kanye
Fur is never a bad idea.
Matchy matchy isn't a bad thing.
 Shades of grey.
Babes in baseball tees, okay.

I could say something here about florals, or pastel, or how light layers are "totally in", but I don't think that's what personal style is really about. Quite frankly I haven't noticed any huge trends that everyone is wearing here at FIDM this season (minus the obvious high waisted jeans etc.), but I kind of like that. With different looks you get to see a glimpse of everyones personality through what they decide to put on. Maybe someone is feeling bright and happy that day with head to toe pattern, or perhaps (maybe even unintentionally) putting a spin on Yung Lean's Sad Boys scene; but whatever the case may be I dig it.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bright Light


Even though I tried, I could not escape the constant talk of Valentine's Day (or the floral arrangements on every street corner in this city). So to be at least somewhat festive/sociable for this "holiday" I decided to bring out my furry and (very) pink purse. Bam. A touch of color added to my all white Saturday afternoon outfit. Simple but still with a hint of fun.

My good friend (and puppy owner) Caroline decided to take another route completely and rock a very badass, black look for the day; watch out boys...

PS. If you see a group of girls talking loudly at Roscoes tonight it might be us.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Black Sunday

Two chainz.

When Rihanna wears something you know you're on the right track.

Last night I got the opportunity to volunteer at one of the post Grammy parties in this city (can't specific which one) and as one of my all time style inspirations walked past me twice, I couldn't help but notice her confident walk and powerful all black suit. Of course I was wearing a similar "business professional" look because of dress code protocol, but the fact that I almost matched with one of my favorites wasn't a bad feeling. Though I'm sure my Zara clearance section picks were a whole lot less expensive than her designer pieces.

Also, since I do live in LA I happen to know quite a large amount of talented and creative individuals, and so I had one of my friends do my makeup for the night and would certainly recommend her to anyone that wants their face flawless for whatever event or occasion.

The baby in action

Here's to dreaming that next year I'll get to go to the Grammy's.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dark Matter

(faux) Givenchy canine vibes

I stole my dad's old jeans

Black just feels right. No matter the time of the year, or the trends making rounds on Hypebeast, black clothing will always capture the perfect aura of slight rebellion and a sleek slate of style. That's why dark lingerie is the new sexy. We're not over pink and frilly per say, but its time for underwear to be as powerful as it is fun. And why not show it off instead of merely hiding it under your toppers of choice? Of course don't walk down the street in merely your thong (unless you find that appropriate for some reason), but when done right showing off your layers can add a hint of cool without giving it all away.

PS. Chromat shows off this look seamlessly and should certainly be on your fashion radar:
Fall 2014 Runway

Sheer + Seams

Extended Bustier available on

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cultural Appropriation or Appreciation?

When Jean Touitou, the designer of A.P.C., declared his Fall Winter 2015 collection to be titled "Last Ni#%as in Paris" earlier this week, what resulted (unsurprisingly) was an aura of major controversy in the press. Although Touitou claimed to use the name as an "homage" to his friend Kanye West, I personally find it to be quite inappropriate especially for a designer label who receives such a large  amount of press from both the fashion and music industry.
The designer with rapper Kanye West
A look from the new A.P.C. collection

What this recent news reminded me of was the general question of cultural appropriation in fashion. For example, most people now regard Native American headdresses to be inappropriate when used simply as a "statement piece" at a music festival because of their strong cultural significance and background, but when fashion is clearly influenced by a large racial segment of the world (especially in the US) the line of what is right and wrong becomes murky territory.

As someone who is undoubtedly inspired by the styles of the historically African American hip hop world it somewhat irks me that many people (and even publications) don't directly state their influences to be that of the black community. Obviously, I can't fully attest to this because I am from Finland and white, but, it seems wrong to me that the styles that have been popular for many years now are simply being "credited" because they've reached the throned world of the predominately aryan fashion elite. And sure, Kendall Jenner was seen with her hair in cornrows, and Iggy Azalea looks great with her "curvy bottom", but in reality these were not the originators of these looks in any sense and should not be labeled as the true innovators.

Food for thought perhaps.

What I'm trying to get across here (in fully only my own personal opinion) is that I think it's quite ok to dress however you want if you like the way it looks, because that is the basis of fashion and its enjoyment, but don't try to address the style as your own if it was in fact worn by someone else prior. And please, edit your collection names before they reach the press.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's A Long Way Up

Body-chain bought on Melrose

This morning when I got up I didn't have my outfit planned (I usually put it together the night before for ease) so it mostly consisted of me throwing together some items from my closet. This throwing together however ended up somewhat resembling a mix of Steven Tyler and Kanye, so I was pretty proud of my wardrobe styling efforts. *I'd also love to own some more long tees/flannels so if anyone knows the best location to cop those please send me a letter, or a text, or a snapchat, or any form of communication*

Newest member of my friend's family. Adorable.

Sleepy Wednesday afternoons..

And wow, can you believe I actually live in this place? I still can't (though I'm starting to apartment scour for a cheaper studio for myself). Not bad at all.