Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Style Inspiration: Brady Lange Fall/Winter '14

I have the lucky opportunity to see a lot of pictures from photo-shoots fairly quickly after they've been shot because I follow models from my agency in Seattle on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Because of this I recently saw some images from Portland based designer Brady Lange's Fall/Winter '14 collection that I'm obsessed with on Sean S's Instagram (he's pretty cool and has good taste in music so you should also follow him:http://instagram.com/sean_tha_swan).

Since I'm undoubtedly a part of the Tumblr generation, the grungy feel of this shoot is something I'm very much into. The bright colors also give me that Spring Breakers late night  kind of vibe, where you know whoever is wearing these pieces are up to something.

Something very cool and polaroid worthy.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Sundays are for soaking in the sun with good friends. Walking around in this great weather is an activity enough in itself, but people watching at Hempfest makes it an even better occasion. There's nothing like seeing a bunch of hippies that look like they never left the 70's combined with the sight of  "completely suburban" middle aged couples casually smoking out of vape pens. It's strange and it's funny, and it's completely Washington.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Black Widow

Black and leather feels alright. Wearing this out to a birthday dinner tonight and I have to say all black feels kind of bad ass. It's certainly not very "summery" but then again who really cares if you dress according to season? If you feel good in what you're wearing then you've succeeded.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gen.u.ine: "truly what something is said to be; authentic"

Models in the Summer 2014 (Delivery 2) Gems photographed by Luis Perez 
The internet is a wild frontier. Usually upon my searching of the internet I just come across admittedly adorable (but useless) gifs of baby animals. But this time through my Tumblr browsing and Twitter scrolling I came across Genuine Gem. A clothing brand fresh out of Seattle spearheaded by boss lady Trina Monica, Genuine Gem features a variety of shorts, swimsuits, and all things certain to make you feel like a bad you know what.  Since I love the whole vibe and feel that both Genuine Gem and Ms. Monica embrace, I was lucky enough to get to ask Trina a couple questions below:

What is the inspiration behind your line? Is there anyone in particular who you feel emulates the look you are going for?
I wanted to be able to create a product that young females would like and make something special for them.  Everything is reconstructed/made by hand and it’s very time consuming…but I love doing it and the creative process, and knowing that I’m making something custom for someone. I have no one particular in mind, but all the ladies you see in Gems represent me and my brand. 

How do you think women can improve their self confidence, and for example feel truly good about themselves while rocking a pair of cutoffs?
When you look good, you feel good…but it’s all about your attitude, which reflects on your self confidence.  A pair of cutoffs can be worn in many ways- dress it up with heels or be comfortable in sneakers.  Sometimes I feel like people can sense who you are by your sense of style.  

Photo by Luis Perez
What made you decide to focus on made to order shorts?
Most of my styles are 1 of 1, which means I have only 1 size available, but if someone is interested in ordering a pair with their specific measurements, I would be able to make it custom for them. My main focus is to be able to create something for everyone, even if you don’t see it on my online store.

Do you think there is anything missing or lacking in today's fashion industry that you would like to see change?
Fashion is always changing…and if there is something missing there probably is…but eventually we’ll see 
it later. 

Summer 2014 Delivery 1 shot by JK featuring Porter Ray

Is there any particular new brand or artist who you think is representing Seattle in an authentic way?
Porter Ray is a good friend of mine. I really look up to him and respect his craft. I love and pay close attention to the entire Articulate Flavor/Intratecque team; strong army. Porter is a real humble dude, real lowkey, and his work does all the talking. What I really like about his style is the people who support him and especially his fans share his talent, show people the music, and I know this because I see it all the time. I see the love and support at his shows. I’m really grateful to witness Articulate Flavor/Intratecque’s success. Facts only. 

What's in store for Genuine Gem's future?
Continuing to build with other creative individuals. I still want to travel and meet new people and share what I have outside of Seattle. Still going to continue to invest in myself and Genuine Gem for the future to make my dreams a reality. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Secret Garden

Florals are never groundbreaking, but they don't go out of style either. Found this hidden gem of a garden at the top of Pike Place Market. Left me feeling inspired to have a garden get together. Tiny cucumber sandwiches and Marimekko linens would fit wonderfully (as well as a "look your best" dress code). A throwback party but in the best possible way, who's down?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hot Off the Block

A quick Tuesday afternoon Cap Hill adventure through pictures.

Sammy taking over the hill.

Cute dogs make your day a thousand times better.

 First time at Everyday Music, sad to find Gift of Gabs album was sold out.

My friends are pretty adorable..

Broadway construction means street art.

We spend about 99% of our time eating, but no complaints!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Swedish pancakes + diamond hoops

What to wear to brunch (aka breakfast food at noon)? At first I was going to put together something chic, perhaps my cream jumpsuit with a felt hat, but then reality struck in. It's hot. And lets be real, I'm not exactly a socialite type of person. So after trying on a billion outfits I finally just decided to throw on two pieces I've been wearing a lot lately, my $1.10 pleated skirt from Value Village and my Stussy tee. This seemed to work out in the end as although I was a tad sweaty entering Portage Bay for food, I did not die from heat stroke. I just had a nice little Sunday outing talking to the lovely ladies who will also be attending FIDM in the fall. We discussed possible color schemes and agreed that tan should not be a sofa color. Success.
Check out their stylish Instagrams and blogs while you're at it

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